Which is The Best Formula Milk For Your Baby?

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You are either already formula feeding or planning to do so. Either ways a lot of times you must wonder whether the formula you are currently giving or planning to give in the future is good for your baby or not. Here are a few points that will help you to know, which is the best formula milk your baby.

Formula Milk For Underweight Or Prematurely Born Babies

So the very first thing that you have to consider is whether your baby is underweight or normal weight and born prematurely or full term.

0-6 Months PreMature

Dexolac Special Care Infant Formula
Calories(Kcal per 100ml)605
Fat(g per 100ml)26.0
Protein(g per 100ml)13
Carbohydrate(g per 100ml)55.5
Folic Acid(UG per 100ml)225
Iron(mg per 100ml)11.4
Calcium(mg per 100ml)650
Zinc(mg per 100ml)3.80

The reason behind this is that babies who are born prematurely or are under weight, don’t normally start off with follow up formulas.

They have special formulas for their particular needs. These formulas have extra calories and other vital nutrients which help the baby gain weight and continue the growth and development. Similac Neosure is one example of this.

Formula Milk For Babies With Allergies - Lactose, Cow's Milk Protein, Sucrose

Next, you have to find out if your baby has any allergies. If he does, then regular cow’s milk formula is not advisable. There are special soy based formulas for such cases. These formulas contain no milk or milk product. Check out Similac Isomil for this.

0-6 Months On Time Birth
Birth Weight More Than 2.5 KG Allergies – Yes

Similac Isomil Soy Infant FormulaNusobee Soya Infant
Calories(Kcal per 100ml)496514
Fat(g per 100ml)27.027.0
Protein(g per 100ml)13.2013.50
Carbohydrate(g per 100ml)50.054.2
Folic Acid(UG per 100ml)8078
Iron(mg per 100ml)6.27.5
Calcium(mg per 100ml)425525
Zinc(mg per 100ml)3.504.80

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Another case is when your baby can not digest the milk sugar very well; there are formulas which are entirely specific to such babies.

Gerber Good Start is a great example of this but unfortunately, either this formula is unavailable in the Indian market or is extremely highly priced. Check the price on Amazon India

Talk to your pediatrician for any substitute of this formula.

These formulas come in a variety of stages. Stage 1 formula is for infants from 0 to 6 months. Stage 2 is for 6 months onward etc.

So before you buy you’ll have to see whether your baby is up to 6 months or older and give him the formula accordingly.

Formula Milk For Perfectly Healthy Babies

A healthy baby, on the other hand, can be given any formula. Like Similac Advance, Enfamil A+, NAN Pro, Lactogen, the choices are endless.

I gave my daughter Similac Stage 1 when she was up to 6 months and currently I’m on Stage 2 with her and she seems to be enjoying this brand than any other.

The whole point of these important pointers is that you can’t just go to the pharmacy and pick up any formula you like. You will only have to pick up one based on certain conditions.

0-6 Months On Time Birth
Birth Weight More Than 2.5 KG Allergies – No

Nestle NAN PRO 1Enfamil A+ Stage 1Nestle Lactogen 1Similac Advance Stage 1Dexolac Premium 1Farex 1 InfantAptamil Stage 1
Calories(Kcal per 100ml)492530487511511498505
Fat(g per 100ml)23.729.
Protein(g per 100ml)10.711.210.714.5012.011.011.0
Carbohydrate(g per 100ml)58.959.356.049.855.060.559.0
Folic Acid(UG per 100ml)9070951009080113
Iron(mg per 100ml)
Calcium(mg per 100ml)270300410369405500500
Zinc(mg per 100ml)3.202.503.703.703.503.403.80

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Also, be reminded that every child responds differently to different formulas.

Before ending up with Similac Advance, I tried various other brands and they all seemed to give my daughter some discomfort or the other. So I had to experiment a bit before settling down with the best formula.

If your baby seems to be having any of such conditions, he is bound to feel uncomfortable and fussy. First, check with you pediatrician regarding the possible signs of fussiness and then start with formula feeding.

0-6 Months On Time Birth Birth Weight Less Than 2.5 KG

Dexolac Special Care Infant FormulaSimilac Neosure IQ+ Infant Formula DHA
Calories(Kcal per 100ml)605517
Fat(g per 100ml)26.028.2
Protein(g per 100ml)13.013.0
Carbohydrate(g per 100ml)55.553.4
Folic Acid(UG per 100ml)225189.8
Iron(mg per 100ml)11.49.20
Calcium(mg per 100ml)650667
Zinc(mg per 100ml)3.803.40

I cannot stress enough the fact that as of today science has not yet been able to come up with the perfect substitute of mother’s milk. The goodness that the mother’s milk has cannot be compared to that provided by any formula in the world. So if you can, try and breastfeed or mixed feed your baby as long as you can.

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However, I also understand that there are certain given conditions when mothers are unable to do so even if they want to. And if you have to give your baby formula for feeding, there is absolutely no harm. Babies fed on formula also thrive and live a beautiful happy life. All that matters is your baby is getting the desired nutrients and is not hungry.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding formula feeding. We would be happy to answer.

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