Common Questions About Cradle Cap In Babies

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Common Questions About Cradle Cap In Babies
Common Questions About Cradle Cap In Babies
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The word cradle cap may be new to you. But women in every home know the occurrence of a cradle cap. It is one of those things about having a baby that you have absolutely no clue about.

What is Cradle Cap?

So a cradle cap is basically the dry, rough patches or scales on your baby’s head that sheds with strands of hair along with it. Although it is very common in babies, it is also not difficult to treat.

Is it contagious?

Cradle cap can affect any baby. But even if it happens, remember that it is not contagious. It is absolutely normal to have a cradle cap in babies. And it mostly always gets better with time. However, if you scratch it with nails or otherwise, it may cause an infection.

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Should I be worried for my baby?

No, you should absolutely not be worried about your baby. It is extremely harmless and many babies are born with it. Although it usually can be seen on the scalp of your baby, but it also tends to affect the face, ears, arm-pits, neck sometimes. Again, there is nothing to be worried about. In case you still need a confirmation, just check with your pediatrician.

I regularly bathe my baby, how can he still get a cradle cap?

Cradle cap has nothing to do with hygiene of your baby. Someone who bathes their baby once in four days or someone who does it twice in a day, both can have a cradle cap. It is only a matter of the skin. Cradle cap is basically a rough, dry patch, very similar to what dandruff is on adults.

How can I treat cradle cap at home?

As I said above, cradle cap usually gets better on its own within a few weeks or months time. However, if you want to take any home remedies for the same, here is what you can and can’t do –

  1. Never scratch the surface of your baby’s head with your nails or fingers. Baby’s head is very sensitive and you don’t want to peel the skin off.
  2. Buy a soft hair brush for your baby. After shampooing your baby’s head, gently massage the surface with the soft brush. Be very, very gentle.
  3. Ensure that you continue to massage your baby’s head with warm oil. The best oil to massage a baby’s head and body is coconut oil and nothing beats the benefits of this.
  4. I’ve also seen with my baby that petroleum jelly really worked a lot. I would keep her head soaked with coconut oil on some days and on others I would apply petroleum jelly overnight and wash it the next day with a gentle baby shampoo.

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When should I see my pediatrician?

It is best to be advised by a pediatrician in case the cradle cap starts to swell, it causes itchiness in your baby or starts to bleed. Also, it is better to consult one in case it starts to grow or spread on the body and face. This, however, is not very common though.

Do you have any concerns or questions regarding cradle cap in your baby? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll be happy to answer.

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