How To Recover Physically After A Miscarriage

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After A Miscarriage - How To Recover Physically With A Loss
After A Miscarriage - How To Recover Physically With A Loss
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In one of our previous post, we learned about coping up emotionally with a loss. Today, we will learn how to recover physically after a miscarriage.

Because it simply goes like this – if you are strong mentally and emotionally, physic al pain doesn’t bother you so much. Today, we offer you advice on how to better look after your physical aspects after you have miscarried. Once you are looking after both your emotional and physical well being, there will be a definite chance for you to come out of the loss.

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When it comes to physical recovery, it can take anywhere from weeks to months for your body to restore to its original pre-pregnancy pre-miscarriage form. However, the later the pregnancy, the more chances of your body taking longer to heal itself.


Some of the most common physical effects on body after a miscarriage are –


It goes without saying that once a pregnancy ends, whether naturally or through a miscarriage, it is followed by heavy bleeding. Now after a miscarriage your bleeding will be similar to that of menstrual periods. Your regular periods will resume only after 3-6 weeks of the miscarriage.


Needless to say, miscarriage will follow extreme to mild pain in the lower abdominal area and it can last up to 2-3 days after a miscarriage.

Discomfort of the breasts

In late pregnancy miscarriage, your breasts will leak milk and may even become engorged due to presence of milk. Either you can use ice packs or hot shower to ease your breast discomfort. However, this does not last too long.

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Although not very common after miscarriage, but infections do happen in a lot of cases. This mostly develops after a surgery to remove the fetal tissue remains from the uterus. If any of the fetal tissues go unseen, then there is a chance of vaginal discharge and cramping.


Take Plenty of Rest

A miscarriage is a life altering experience. The pain – both physical and emotional is inexplicable. You need to give your body time to heal. And there’s nothing better that can heal your body than rest. You must take plenty of rest in order to ensure your body heals from within.

Avoid Intercourse

When it comes to any aspect of pregnancy or miscarriage, it is always best to consult with your doctor before having sex. It is best to avoid have sexual intercourse with your partner unless your body has recovered from the trauma from within.

Watch Out for Infections

There are always chances of body developing infection after a miscarriage, although not very likely. In whatever case, you must keep an eye out for infection. If you notice a fever after miscarriage, chances are it is due to an infection. Consult with your doctor at the earliest.

Look After Your Personal Hygiene

Given that you will be experiencing bleeding similar to menstrual periods, it is important to ensure proper hygiene during that time.

A lack of it would only result in infections, which I’m sure you don’t need at this stage.

Change your sanitary napkins often, one after every 2-3 hours should suffice if you have a very heavy flow.

And don’t even consider using tampons at this time.

Take Proper Medications

It goes without saying that without proper medication recommended by your doctor, physical health will definitely suffer. So it is important that you ensure you are taking timely medication. Most often you would be given antibiotics for infection and pain killers to ease your pain, but never take self medication. Always consult your doctor for the same.

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Take Proper Diet

I know after an experience like this, eating would be the last thing on your mind. However, you have to remind yourself that if you don’t recover soon from this phase, you will take longer to take the next step forward. So ensure you take proper healthy and nutritious diet following a miscarriage.

Have you been through the same pain of miscarriage? How you recovered? What advice would you give for coping physically with a loss? 

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