What Are Teething Symptoms in Babies?

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Teething Symptoms in Babies
Teething Symptoms in Babies
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Vishakha Rawal

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Seeing your baby growing and witnessing all her cute little naughty things; undoubtedly, are out of the world experiences. However, the moment when a baby cry of any pain; her helplessness of not being able to share the reason behind kill the parents from inside. Agree?

Doesn’t matter what the problem is or how serious the problem is, not able to to understand or interpret the children’s problem is the worst that can happen to any parents. This scenario becomes more painful, when it is associated with newly born babies.

Whether it is gas problem or the fever because of their teeth emerging phase, it is quite a concern for parents. In reality, infants go through a lot during their teeth emerging phase, the pain is unbearable. It can be hard for the first-time parents to understand this problem in their babies since they get quite handful that time. They get confused as to why their babies are acting so grouchy. This article will guide you through all the teething symptoms.

Symptoms can last for few days and here are some:

Swollen Gums

This is the main sign that your infant might be teething. Swollen and bulging gums make babies uncomfortable because of which they cry a lot. Some babies cannot even sleep at night due to the irritation that swollen gums bring.

If you know that your baby sleeps well at night and somehow she is acting all not her usual self by being cranky at night and the entire day, then know that it’s a phase and soon her first tooth will be arriving. Yes! there will be a lot of night waking. So prepare for it.

Cheek Rubbing

As an adult whenever we get gum problems, it is a natural human reflex that immediately our hands reaches out to our cheeks to soothe the pain.

Babies do the same and there’s also a lot of ears pulling that time. The reason is quite simple. We have a common nerve system for ears and gums, as a result, there’s a lot of ear pulling in babies due to the irritation in their gums.

Biting and Chewing

This is the most common sign when babies have reached to their teeth arriving phase. They tend to chew everything around them to soothe the irritation in their gums.

Get them some teethers and soothers to ease their pain and to avoid that cranky top of the voice crying. Make sure you sterilize them every time to give them your baby.

Refusing The Food

Gum irritation will cause them to refuse food. This happens to adults as well, the only difference is that we can talk out our problems. But hey, we can still get fussy with sore gums!

Infants become grouchy and refuse to feed all the time when their teeth are emerging. They would show no interest in eating due to the sore gums.

The Water Fountain

Babies tend to drool all the time with all those fluids coming out of their mouth. When they are teething, drooling level increases and seems like they have a water fountain inside their mouth. So, keep her clean all the time during this phase.

Don’t you really wish there was a tooth fairy for real during this phase? It’s just a phase that will pass and you’ll have this key milestone recorded in your baby book.

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An ambivert, a humanist, a true philotherian, dreamer, loves adding and checking things off the bucket list, movie buff, an avid traveler, an amateur artist, writer, blogger, engineer, and yes an entrepreneur as well!