Baby Hernia – Symptoms, Causes, Risks, and Treatments

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Baby Hernia – Symptoms, Causes, Risks, and Treatment
Baby Hernia – Symptoms, Causes, Risks, and Treatment
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You may not know, but hernia is a common problem in children and a few are born with this. Nonetheless, the good news is that the hernia is curable. However, an early diagnosis is a must. With an early diagnosis, your baby can get early treatment. Before we can learn about the treatments, let us find out about the symptoms, causes, and signs of risks.

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Definition of Hernia

Let us start with the basic definition of Hernia. The hernia is actually a kind of knot formed under the skin. It can vary in size and usually occurs in the inguinal or stomach area.

In most cases, the muscles of the stomach and pelvis form a barrier that delimits the internal organs, but whenever a gap appears in this place, it turns into a hernia.

For your information, the hernia is of two types and it depends upon the area where it develops; the umbilical and inguinal hernia.

  • Umbilical Hernia: This type of hernia appears around the navel.
  • Inguinal Hernia: This type of hernia appears in the inguinal area and can extend to the abdomen. Do you know that 5 out of a hundred children are born with this type of hernia?

Diaphragmatic hernia is another very rare type of hernia.

Symptoms of Baby Hernia

Sometimes the hernia is very easy to identify and you can see it very easily, without any special focus. But in other cases, it appears only when a baby cries, coughs or potty. With these, you will see a nodule appearing under the skin because of the pressure built in the abdomen.

Causes of Baby Hernia

At the time of birth, there is a ring of tissue and muscles around a baby’s umbilical cord. This ring usually closes before birth. But, there may be cases, where it remains open. This opened ring turns into a hernia. There are cases when the opening in the groin area occurs because of the baby’s immature muscles. And, because of this immaturity, the muscles fail to withstand the abdominal pressure.

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Sometimes, hernia happens for no reason. Genetics is one among other risk factors when there is a history of hernia in baby’s parents or siblings (when they were infants).

How to Identify Baby Hernia

Sometimes the hernia is not visible from the beginning, but it is confirmed with your baby’s crying, coughing or potty. The main danger of hernia is that some part of the intestines may be badly affected. It becomes an emergency situation and in such a case, one must see a doctor immediately.

When To Worry

  • The swelling starts to increase and does not make it soft when your baby no longer cries.
  • It is painful to touch.
  • The baby starts to vomit and feel bad.

Treatment of The Hernia

Fortunately, most umbilical hernias heal without any treatment, disappearing when the baby’s muscles become mature. Inguinal hernia disappears more difficult by itself. Therefore, for these, doctors recommend surgery to prevent the onset of complications.

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Hernia treatment depends on its location and degree of severity. In some cases, the doctor may push the hernia back, but in other cases, the surgery may be the only solution. Because it is a relatively simple procedure, where the hernia is pushed back and the muscle is closed by suture.

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