Worms In Stomach – Reasons, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatments And Home Safety Measure For Intestine Parasites

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Worms In Stomach – Reasons, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatments And Home Safety Measure For Intestine Parasites
Worms In Stomach – Reasons, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatments And Home Safety Measure For Intestine Parasites
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It is very unfortunate that every second child is affected with this problem known as worms in stomach. The could be several reasons to blame for this health issue, but the major one is poor hygiene. Despite of countless parents’ efforts, kids get affected with this health issue. No matter, how safe and hygienic environment they have in the house, once they are out (at school, day care, or park), they are at a higher risk of getting affected with this infection. Through this article, we will be discussing about reasons, symptoms, diagnosis, treatments and home safety measures for intestine parasites.

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1Reasons behind worms in stomach

The most prominent and common causes of this disease are:

  • By getting infected with insects or their eggs, water or directly from the ground.
  • Being infected with infected hands exposed to the mouth.
  • Coming in contact with dirty swimming pools, ponds, waterfalls etc.
  • Raw or half-cooked meals, especially meat.
  • By consuming infected fruits or vegetables.
  • By coming into direct contact with an affected person.
  • Living at a filthy, unhygienic, and contaminated place.
  • From frequent travel to places with poor sanitation and cleanliness problems.

2Signs and Potential Threats

Signs of intestine parasites or stomach worms and the potential risks depend greatly on the species of insects. In fact, there are 6 types of these insects and they all have different signs and potential threats. In many cases, these signs may go unnoticed. However, be it any case, there are still some signs that can be seen in every case, such as –

  • Abdominal pains, usually around the navel
  • Problem with growth and development
  • Affected immune system
  • Malnutrition
  • Abdominal pain/ Stomach Ache
  • Weight loss
  • Irritability
  • Nausea and / or vomiting –
  • Sleep problems due to itching
  • Cough (the baby can cough until a worm is vomited)
  • Itching or pain around the anus

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3Diagnosis of Intestinal Worms – How to confirm the presence of these worms in the stomach

The problem of worms in the stomach should not be ignored at all because it can take a very serious form when left untreated and there may be problems like bleeding in the intestines. Babies are more likely to have this type of infection because their immune system is not fully developed.

  • In order to confirm the presence of worms or eggs in the stomach, a sample of the infant’s stool is tested.
  • The doctor may check the presence of parasite eggs under the baby’s nail or anus area with a cotton swab.
  • A particularly relevant test for oxides is the adhesive tape. An adhesive tape is used to collect egg samples from anus.
  • An ultrasound may also be performed, but this is useful when the infection is severe. Through this ultrasound, doctor can detect the exact location of the worms.

4Treating intestinal parasites

Fortunately, almost all intestinal worms can be treated with orally administered drugs, and iron supplements may be needed if it is anemic.

Before establishing any treatment, it is important to establish with certainty what kind of parasite the child has invaded. Except for extreme situations, when surgery is required, treatment is medically and relatively simple. After treatment, the test will be restored to ensure that the baby is completely cured.

Depending on the age of the child and the doctor’s recommendations, conventional treatment can be supported (but not replaced) with complementary remedies such as garlic, pumpkin, blueberry, pomegranate, pineapple, carrots, etc.

At the same time, dietary supplements containing probiotics, digestive enzymes, vitamin C or zinc can also be recommended.

The most difficult part is avoiding reinfection with eggs or worms that are eliminated by treatment. Therefore, body and hand hygiene is very important. Underwear and clothing of infected children should be washed thoroughly and as often as possible. It also requires testing and treating other family members to effectively eliminate parasites.

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5What can you do to protect children from such diseases?

Although sometimes it is more difficult to prevent contamination with certain parasites, in many cases, intestinal worms appear as a consequence of wrong habits. To protect your child from such disease, parents have to follow some simple rules:

  • Never allow your kids to drink water from unknown or uncontrolled sources.
  • Avoid bathing small ones in waters that are at risk of parasite contamination.
  • Teach your kids about the hand hygiene. Tell them, how to wash their hands as often as necessary after using the toilet and before eating.
  • Cut their nails and never overlook the importance of body hygiene.
  • Do not let them play in garbage or where environmental cleanliness is inadequate.
  • Provide them with only thoroughly washed fruits and vegetables.
  • Give them well-prepared and completely cooked food, especially if your baby eats meat.
  • Take special care of cleanliness while cooking.

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By taking care of these small but important things, the problem of worms in the stomach can be substantially relieved. As I mentioned above, the symptoms of this problem is often ignored due to being similar to other problems’ symptoms. For example, there may be many other causes of pain in the stomach or cough. Therefore, you are requested not to overlook the signs because timely treatment is very important.

Did your child also suffered from worms in stomach. What all measures you tried? If you have any suggestions regarding this problem, then please share it with our readers.

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