Winter Shopping List For Babies

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Winter Shopping List For Babies
Winter Shopping List For Babies
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With the end of September, winter starts in India. In winters, the first advise you receive as a parent is – make sure you are doing every possible thing to protect your little one from every sort of winter infection. To them, first winter infection means a lifetime trouble. Now, if you are expecting a baby in winters, then you need to be extra careful about this. Besides medical care tips, you must buy a few things in advance. Here is the winter shopping list for babies that you must follow.

In addition to vaccination, you have to pay attention to the child’s diet. To learn more about the causes and treatments of cold and flu, please read our article – “How to protect your children from cold and flu“.

Necessary Clothing

If you are expecting a baby in winter, then you must buy a few clothing items for sure. As a piece of advice, you must wash them with before using. By doing this, you can use that dress immediately after the baby is born.

Warmers (For Body And Legs)

Bodywarmers not only protect the child from getting cold but also keep his body warm from inside.

Before buying these, be sure to check that the body warmer is made with best quality fabric, and soft from inside. The newborn baby’s skin is very fragile. Therefore, do not choose a body warmer made with poor quality because that causes serious damage to your baby’s extremely delicate skin.

Also, buy a pair or two of leg warmers, if you are not buying a warmer suit. Hope you know that even a slight change in baby’s (body or room) temperature can cause trouble. So it is very important to take special care of this in the winter.


If you are expecting a baby in winter, you must buy some overall made of a thermal or yarn.

As overalls are a one-piece suit that is completely closed from shoulder to feet, hence, they can offer a huge assistance in terms of stabilizing the internal temperature of the body.

Socks & Hats

Hope you know that (during winter), not only babies but even adults can catch a cold because of chilled feet and bare head.

Therefore, it is very important to cover their head and feet in winter.

As a precaution, you must buy 4 to 5 pairs of warm or yarn socks and cotton caps.


Do not forget to buy at least two or three good quality and well-knitted sweaters made with skin-friendly yarn, to keep the baby safe from catching a cold.

Before buying a sweater, do check it very carefully and avoid buying any sweaters with buttons, hooks hanging threads, or anything that can come with a choking hazard. Also, do not forget to inspect the quality of yarn.

Shoes Made For Newborn

Nowadays, you can easily buy shoes made from wool etc., for newborns. These shoes not only look good but also protect the newborn from catching a cold.

Due to the frequent use of socks, they lose their grip and start slipping down. This actually raises the chances of catching a cold. In such circumstances, shoes (wool-woven) shoes can help us a lot.

Pajamas and Shirts

In addition to warmer and overalls, buying some full-length shirts/t-shirts and pajamas for your little one is an awesome idea.

Basking is very good for the baby for health. While enjoying the warmth of the sun, make sure your baby is not overdressed because heat (of the sun) in the environment is also going to change his body temperature. Instead of overalls or woolen sweaters, wearing a full-length shirt/t-shirt (on the warmers) and pajamas is a good option.

Also, you are not supposed to expose your newborn to the direct sunlight or when it is very hot outside because excessive heat can damage newborn’s skin and may lead to many other complications.


Although overalls can serve the purpose of mittens, yet buying a pair or two of mittens is a good idea because you can not use overalls at all time.

Mittens are not only the best way to keep your baby hands warms, but it also protects the newborn from an injury caused because of his own nails. Hence, investing in mittens is a good idea.

A Light Weight Blanket For Newborn

I have seen parents buying bulky blankets for their babies. But this is a mistake. According to experts, you must buy a lightweight, but a good quality blanket.

The heavy weight of the blanket can cause breathing problems.

Hygiene Products

Hooded Towels

Your winter shopping list for babies must include 2 to 3 hooded towels. It is commonly seen that after bathing the baby, parents swaddle their baby in normal towels and forget to cover the baby’s head. It is an open invitation to cold.

To save your baby from this trouble, you must buy at least two or three hooded towels. These towels not only cover his body, but also his head.

Baby Body Lotion

In winters, the skin of both adults and newborns becomes dry. In the case of newborn babies, dry skin can cause more harm.

Therefore, maintaining the skin moisture is very important and for this body, lotions are a great option. After bathing the baby (sponge bath or bath), you can apply body lotion on his body.

How To Bathe A Baby


Diaper Bag

You need a bag to organize baby stuff. When a baby gets upset because of his things, he never gives you time to explore. You have to be really quick with the solution.

In such cases, having a diaper bag with everything organized can save you from a big trouble, especially when you are traveling with a newborn. In a diaper bag, you can organize everything in an apple-pie-order and while packing, you won’t miss anything.

Diaper Rash Cream

Diaper rashes can cause a huge discomfort to your little ones. For a newborn, it is very difficult to bear the pain of rashes.

To learn more about diaper rash reasons, precaution and home remedies, please read – Home Remedies for Diaper Rash – How To Avoid and Treat Diaper Rash

In order to save your baby from this painful trouble, it is very important to use diaper rash cream every time before changing diapers. There are many types of diaper rash creams available in the market. We recently reviewed Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream and Patanjali’s Baby Care Diaper Rash Cream and we recommend you to go through our detailed reviews.

Baby Wipes

During winters, you must refrain yourself from washing your baby or his genitals, time and again. I have seen many mothers cleaning their babies with wet cotton. But, for your information, a wet cotton barely acts like a disinfectant. You need some skin-friendly disinfectants, and you can count on baby wipes.

There are several options available for baby wipes in the market. You should always choose wipes with no harmful ingredients. For more information on this topic, you can also read our articles below –

  1. Best Baby Wipes for Newborns – Review After Using
  2. Chicco Soft Cleansing Baby Wipes – Used And Reviewed

You need to be extra careful while choosing baby wipes because the baby’s skin comes in direct contact with these. Using wipes made with harmful chemicals can cause severe damage to your little’s skin.

Other Products

Nursing Clothes

To breastfeed a newborn is known as the biggest parenting challenge. And, a new mom has to deal with it immediately after delivery. In case, you had a cesarean, breastfeeding can be really troublesome. Moreover, even a slight variation in your body temperature is also not a good thing.

Therefore, you must buy some nursing clothes including breastfeeding bras as these clothes can make breastfeeding easy for you.

ALSO READ – Tips And Questions About Breastfeeding After Cesarean Section

Digital Thermometer

In the case of infants, the mercury-based thermometers are not good and very risky. The mercury can enter into the baby’s body if it breaks accidentally during use. And, you cannot even imagine, how fatal it is going to be.

To avoid any such unfortunate situation, you must buy a digital thermometer. As this thermometer does not have any direct contact with the body, hence, you are not supposed to worry about any physical harm.

AccuSure Non-Contact Thermometer #FR 800

Do not forget to read our review on AccuSure Non-Contact Thermometer #FR 800 – Used And Reviewed


We know that the temperature of the room becomes dry in winters. Hence, it is very important to stabilize the moisture level, especially in the bedroom of the newborn.

Therefore, if your budget allows, you must go for a humidifier (a device designed to keep the atmosphere moist in the room).

Baby Strollers

In the winter, during the time of day (when it is sunny outside), you must go for a walk with your baby. But, you must make sure that your baby is completely covered. Practically, you won’t be able to have a good walk with your baby in the lap.

In such a situation, having a Baby Stroller can solve your problem. Baby Stroller will not only help you to take your baby for a walk but will make sure that your baby is fully covered.

Stroller Review


Do not forget to read our review on the Luvlap Tutti Frutti Baby Stroller.

Baby Car Seat

Like a Baby Stroller, Baby Car Seat also plays a very important role. If you travel a lot in a car with a newborn, you must invest in a car seat. Baby car seats not only protect the child from any accidental injury but also allow you to enjoy the journey.

Like a Baby Stroller, you can also cover the child well in the baby car seat. For your information, a baby is very comfortable on a baby car seat than your lap. Do you know that in the western countries you can not take your baby for a ride in the car without a baby car seat?

Baby Car Seat Review


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