How To Prevent An Ear Infection In Children

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How To Prevent An Ear Infection In Children
How To Prevent An Ear Infection In Children
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If you happen to be one of those worried parents whose baby keeps getting an ear infection, here’s what you can do to prevent an ear infection in children.

1Avoid sharing toys with infected babies

It is known that ear infections are quite contagious. So the first thing you might want to make sure that your baby does not share his toys with other children who might have an infection. That’s number one thing you can do to prevent any such infection in the future.

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2Breastfeed more often

They say that breastfed babies rarely get infections in the ear. This is because for one breastfeeding is hardly ever done with a baby lying down and two, it has immune-boosting components in it. When you lay your baby straight down with a bottle, the liquid has the tendency to get into the Eustachian tube which allows bacterial growth. So next time you give your baby a bottle, ensure that he had good support to lift his head.

3Avoid second hand smoke to baby

You already know how harmful second-hand smoke is to the kids. Children who are exposed to second-hand cigarette smoke, regardless of age, get their mucous membranes irritated and damage their tiny hair. This leads to increased frequency of ear infections. So ensure that your baby is as far away as possible from passive smoke.

4Limited Use of pacifier

If possible, try to limit the use of pacifier to your baby as much as you can. It has been found out in many studies over the years that babies who did not use pacifiers or used very little had one third fewer middle ear infections. Limit it to only nap times or bed times if possible. This will definitely help prevent infections of the ear in the future.

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5Get all the vaccines done timely

If you want to prevent ear infections in your baby, then you must stay up-to-date with all the vaccines. Common vaccines like Pneumococcal and Prevnar protect your baby against seven strains of infection causing bacteria. Not only that these vaccines also help prevent bacterial meningitis that is very common in younger babies.

6Keep your baby from itching his ear

An ear infection can be extremely irritating and only makes us want to keep touching and itching the ear. In case of babies, they don’t know they have to keep their hands off their ears so unintentionally they end up stroking their ears and it only adds to their discomfort. So if you can just ensure that your baby doesn’t itch his ears as it also spreads the infections.

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Apart from these common preventive measures, if your baby seems to have gotten an ear infection also ensure that he gets plenty of rest and fluids. That is the number one rule for any time a baby gets sick or gets an infection. If you have a caretaker for your baby, then please ensure that hygiene standards are maintained properly, not only when the baby has the infection but also post it in order to prevent it from happening in the future.

Has your baby ever had an ear infection? What did you do to prevent it from happening in the future? Let our readers know.

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