Things To Take Care When Dog And New Baby Are At The Same Place

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Things To Take Care When Dog And New Baby Are At The Same Place
Things To Take Care When Dog And New Baby Are At The Same Place
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If you own a pet (especially a dog) then you would know what it feels when it welcomes your baby at home. Pet owners alone can feel how difficult it is to ensure that their pets accept the new member of the family. Here are few things to take care when dog and new baby are at the same place.

No wonder it can be a difficult time for both the parents and the pet to get used to the baby. And if we come to look at it, having a pet in a house with a baby is both good and bad. There are, of course, a few considerations to be kept in mind when you have the presence of them both in your house. Read on to know what those considerations are…

1Introduce your pet to your baby

Like humans, animals, especially dogs, become a bit too protective about their people. Any new addition to the family may or may not be taken too well. To avoid any mishap with dog and new baby, make sure that you first introduce your pet properly to the baby from a safe distance so he can sniff him. Be patient and let him take his own sweet time into adjusting to the new member of the family.

2Ensure that baby and pet products are always away from each other

This is of utmost importance for when it comes to hygiene. As a pet owner with an infant, I always ensure that my dog’s supplies and toys are never around even on the floor when it is my daughter’s time on the walker or to crawl. Babies have a thing of putting every accessible thing in their mouths. So you want to make sure that your baby never lays his hand on your pet’s supplies for better hygiene.

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3Remember to establish boundaries around the baby or his area

If you are a pet owner, you know how important it is to establish boundaries with your dog and new baby. Otherwise they are all over the place. When it comes to baby, boundaries become all the more important. So that the pet knows what is allowed and what is not.

I specifically made sure that our dog did not come anywhere near my daughter’s crib and on our bed. For one, I was extra cautious about hygiene and two, I knew it was safe if I kept our dog away from the baby at least initially.

Let’s face it – animals will always be animals. No matter how much we love them, they will always have animalistic tendencies. So ensure that your pet knows where his boundaries are.

4Pay equal attention to your pet as well

I know it is extremely hard to pay attention to anything else when the baby arrives. I’ve been there done that! But pets demand as much attention as anyone else. This is especially true when they feel ignored.

There are withdrawal symptoms in pets when no attention is given to them. They may become furious over it as well. Not to mention the safety of your baby.

Not only because of this but also because you have had your pet for a long time, arrival of baby does not mean that you ignore their attention needs as well. So continue giving as much attention as you did prior to having the baby.

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5Safety of your baby is always primary

This goes without saying that no matter what happens, your baby’s safety is always primary. There have been times when I even had to send my dog off to someone else’s house for a few days when he got sick or when I know I had to be home alone with only a few weeks’ old baby and my dog.

It is not that you are acting selfish. Your baby’s safety is and always will be first. Pet lovers who don’t yet have a baby may feel strongly against it, but just rethink it and you’ll know why I’m saying this.

Do you have a pet at home? What measures do you take to ensure safety of both? Let us know.

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