Children Stories – Why Is Storytelling Important To Children

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Children Stories - Why Is Storytelling Important To Children
Children Stories - Why Is Storytelling Important To Children
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We have grown up hearing many different kinds of fairy tales and stories and it did affect our personality in some form or the other.

These days with so many interactive means of story-telling, we can’t really ignore the idea of doing it for our children. The benefits that story-telling has far outnumber the reasons why you should not. For all those parents who think that story telling is an absolute waste of time, consider these things first. After reading these you will learn why is storytelling important to children.

Storytelling puts your baby’s mind at work

Doesn’t matter if you have an infant or toddler, when you read out stories to your baby, his mind gets to work. For infants, they may not necessarily respond to your story at all, but it helps them enhance their vocabulary at a later stage in their lives.

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Whatever words or vocabulary you may use at this point may seem like Greek to them. But if you make your toddler understand the words and their meanings while telling your stories, it will do so much good to him.

It has even been proven by science that when your child is still an infant, even though he may not understand what you’re saying, but grabs more words than you can possibly imagine.

Works wonders for their imaginative power

If you want your child to be imaginative and expressive, you, as a parent, have to work on it personally. Anything that a child learns in the initial stages of his life, has a great impact later on.

Want them more open to ideas and free thinking when they grow up? Story-telling is your answer to that. By simply telling stories to your kids, they are able to get ideas and thoughts in their minds.

Imagination is something that has to be built up. And what better way that storytelling?

Moral lessons are learned the easier way

Whether you read out a story from the book or tell them something verbally out of your own experience, there is a lesson in every story.

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The best thing about it is that these lessons are learned the easier way.

Life shows us both ups and downs and these stories are, in part, responsible for making children face the reality in the best possible way.

And they start to differentiate between the good and bad early in life.

Builds up their interest in reading

I don’t want to discuss the advantages of reading books here because we all know how wonderfully they benefit us.

When you start reading our stories (to begin with) to your little ones, they automatically develop an interest in books.

I know of a lot of mothers who started story telling their kids when they were quite young, and today, when they are older, they have incorporated the habit of reading.

They become better listeners

You want your child to be a better listener when he grows up? Read out stories to them on a regular basis. When they listen to your stories on a daily or regular basis, they automatically gain the patience to properly listen.

All this only helps inculcate good values in children.

So I would suggest that you start investing in storytelling to your kid and you’ll see the benefits they’ll be blessed with later on in life. You do something for them now and it is sure to pay off in the future.

Always remember that no baby is too young to be told a story to. Yes, you may have to experiment a little with what interests your child more. But the result and effect it will have on your child later on will be immeasurable.

How about you? Do you tell stories to your baby? How do you think it has affected him? We would love to know. 

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