5 Tips On Traveling With A Baby In A Car

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5 Tips On Travelling With A Baby In A Car
5 Tips On Travelling With A Baby In A Car
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So it’s June and the sun is at its brightest and hottest and you want to go out to a colder place for a vacation. But this time around you have a baby and you’re traveling for the first time with him. Questions like what to pack, how many clothes etc fill your mind.

So keeping that in mind, today we have come up with top tips for traveling with a baby in a car for you. Now whether you are traveling for the first time or you’ve done it before, these tips should never be forgotten. These tips will make your traveling experience with a baby better. So read on.

Now if you’re traveling with a toddler or a grown up child who understands your yes and no and every other thing, traveling becomes a tad easier. However, in case of an infant, you have to be a bit more careful.

1Car Seat

This comes in handy when you have a small child and you are traveling by car.

For longer journeys, say 5 hours and above, I suggest you have a car seat for comfort of both the mother and the baby.

From constant baby holding in the car, you will get tired for sure and when you have a car seat, it takes half the stress off your hands.

Plus, when your baby is asleep you can enjoy the car ride with your husband (or whosoever you are going with).

R for Rabbit’s Jack N Jill Convertible Baby Car Seat

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You haven’t known packing if you haven’t yet traveled with a baby. When it comes to clothes, the more you have the less you will feel you have. If you’re going for 3 days make sure you pack for at least 7 days for your baby.

The reason? Well, you’ll have to change your baby’s clothes 2-3 times in a longer journey to make him feel comfortable.

Plus, if you’re going to a colder place, you’ll have to pack things like thermals, leggings, half sweaters, full sweaters, jackets etc. because you don’t know how hot or cold it is going to be at your destination.

You may feel the weather to be a bit hot but for a baby it could be cold. So always be on the safer side when packing clothes. Remember that you can afford to pack more clothes for your baby any day but not less.


If you exclusively breast feed, the only tip I have is to keep breast pads with you plus a scarf to cover yourself while feeding.

If you formula feed or use bottles for breast milk, remember that you will not get a place and soap to wash and clean the used bottles while traveling and even in the hotel for that matter.

If you can, don’t forget to keep the bottle cleaning brush plus a solution to wash them whenever you have to.

If you continue just rinsing the bottles with water, by the end of the day they will have a strong smell and feeding your baby with bottles may be difficult.

And always keep extra bottles for more convenience. When I traveled for the first time, I had 4 feeding bottles, a thermos with warm water, baby formula, bottle cleaning solution, dry wipes and bottle cleaning brush to go with.

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Now you think that while traveling a few diapers and wet wipes should be more than enough. But it is not. When you are traveling with a baby in a car, chances are that you are going to need more diapers than you possibly would think.

You might also need to change the diaper more frequently than you do at home.

Not only wet wipes but you will also have to keep dry tissue or a piece of cloth to dry the skin after diaper change.

At home we do keep the baby diaper free for at least 10 minutes to give some air time. But while traveling you possibly can’t do that.

So always keep a dry tissue or a cloth to wipe the skin dry before you change a new diaper. Plus, use talcum powder for extra dryness.

This will ensure that your baby does not get rashes from continuous use and will be more comfortable.

And last but not least, keep a plastic bag for throwing the used and soiled diapers in the dustbin later on.

5First Aid Kit

No matter how long you travel or how far or close you are to home, never forget to carry a first aid kit with your baby.

This kit includes anything from baby pain reliever to drops for fever.

When I first went traveling with my baby, I took all my daughters medicines plus a few extra for emergency use.

Don’t forget to carry a few bandages for minor cuts and bruises.

So these are my top 5 tips for when you are travelling with a baby in a car. Do you have any tips of your own? We would love to know.

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